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Physiotherapy ISSA PHYSICAL THERAPY was founded in Rockville, MD in 2005 with the aim of providing specialized physical therapy in Montgomery County, Maryland. Our client-centered approach has expanded to include a holistic model of care that aims to address the whole person, not just symptoms.

We strongly believe that only through an individualized one-on-one care model can clinicians accurately diagnose the problem, identify the underlying sources of the problem, and comprehensively address the problem. This approach leads to faster pain relief in fewer visits, restoration of mobility and strength, and to the prevention of episodic recurrences that tend to be all too common.

It is for these reasons that so many people have sought out ISSA Physical Therapy for a holistic approach to their care that is aimed at not just treating symptoms but rather getting to them back to living their life to the fullest.


“To guide and empower you to feel, move, and be better so that you can get back to what you love and daring you to do what you dream of.”

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  • Michele ..
    4 months ago
    I have hired massage practitioners for more than 30 years professionally in the health and fitness industry, as well as personally as an elite athlete. I was impressed as soon as I walked in and commented on the room setup. I appreciated the warmth of the massage table and pressure of the blanket/sheet, the sound of the water bubbling, the level of lighting in the room and the music. The massage oil smelled wonderful, was not overpowering and not oily. Christa had the perfect amount of pressure and stretching. Hands down, no pun intended, this was the BEST massage I have ever received.
  • Christina ..
    4 months ago
    I have been singing the praises of this establishment to all who'll listen! The whole staff is wonderful from the receptionist to the therapists. They are patient, kind, give you individual attention and really listen to all of your needs and concerns. Everyone in the office is there to help you feel better and to achieve your goals. This place is worth the time and your money. Trust me when I say you wont be disappointed!
  • Casey ..
    4 months ago
    Amazing service. The staff at Issa Physical therapy individualized a care plan for me and are helping me live a more comfortable and happy life! I always feel listened to and cared for there. thank you!

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Why It's Important to Fill Out Your Intake Sheet BEFORE Your Massage Appointment
Why It’s Important to Fill Out Your Intake Sheet BEFORE Your Massage Appointment Christa Sperry RMP, RYT-200      When you book an appointment here at Issa PT for massage for the first time, an intake form should be automatically emailed to you. This intake form, apart from giving me consent to touch you and treat you, also fills me in about who you are and why you’re coming in to see me. It lets me know things about past and present injuries, illnesses, and prefe...
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PT Can Prevent Unnecessary Surgery

PT Can Prevent Unnecessary Surgery
PT Can Prevent Unnecessary Surgery Recent research is showing that surgery might not be needed as often as we think. A large review estimates that 10 of surgeries might be unnecessary and that in some specialties such as cardiology and orthopedics, that number might be higher. The reasons for so many unneeded surgeries being performed are varied, but the most common is that more conservative options aren't tried first, or lack of knowledge by the operating physician.   Physicians und...
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Health Benefits of Swimming for Kids
Health Benefits of Swimming for Kids. by Tamer Issa. Memorial Day weekend is a week away!!!  You know what that means... it's summer pool season!  My family loves this time of year when we can end a long day at the pool.  It's also almost time for kids to be involved in summer swimming.  My kids joined a swim team last year and I'm so excited that they did.  It was so good for them on many levels.  If you have young kids, I would highly recommend that you consid...
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