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What Makes Us Different

We use a 'hands on' manual therapy approach aimed at identifying the source of the pain and dysfunction, not merely treating the symptoms.  We believe in one-on-one treatment sessions. You will not be treated by aides or assistants and we do not double book. Our clinicians are highly trained manual therapists who are involved in teaching and clinical research.  They are trained in highly skilled therapeutic interventions that work. We have an exceptional reputation amongst our patients and referrals sources. Most of our clients are word-of-mouth referrals.  We take pride in that. Your treatment plan will be a collaborative effort aimed at reaching your maximal rehab potential based on your goals and your therapist’s recommendations.  Your therapist will provide you with the education you need to better understand your condition and to empower you with self-management strategies.

Your Role

It is imperative that you take an active role in the rehabilitation process so that you can obtain the maximum benefit as quickly as possible.  It is important to attend therapy sessions consistently and to perform your home exercise program as prescribed by your therapist. Our therapists rely on your feedback to make clinical decisions. We can’t help you reach your goals without your help.

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